Master of Science in Psychology (Personnel Management and Industrial Psychology)

The discipline of psychology studies the causes and effects of human behaviour and uses this knowledge to provide aid workers and counsellors with helpful insights. The Master’s programme results in the professional title of psychologist. The main subjects each have their own structure and finality, but all of them have made sufficient room in the curriculum for a work placement.

Master's Programme
2 year 120 credits
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
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The Industrial Psychology and Personnel Management main subject delivers graduate psychologists who are able to take on the integrated role of the expert-facilitator in an scientifically validated manner. This expertise covers three specialist domains: personnel management, organisational psychology and industrial psychology. In addition, the main subject offers an in-depth perspective on consumer psychology and industrial relations, issues related to e.g. the reduction of working hours, career counselling, setting up assessment centres for selection procedures, setting up a training offer, or establishing systems for performance review.

For whom

The admission requirements vary. Depending on your prior education, you are either able to enrol directly, or there are additional requirements.


In addition to the (domain) Master’s programme described above, you can also choose a Master’s Programme in Teaching (in Dutch: Educatieve Master).
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Labour Market

Industrial psychologists are either in the service of a company, or are employed at a selection office or consultancy firm. They are usually in charge of recruitment, selection, HR policy, organisational development, training sessions, ... In addition, they are usually called upon to manage meetings in the event of e.g. organisational change, change of methods or technologies, ... . Although private companies have a long-standing tradition of employing industrial psychologists, more and more public services, hospitals and other organisations have shown increasing interest in how to run their day-to-day business efficiently. Industrial psychologists can be an important asset in such a context.

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