Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Engineering Technology

This Engineering Technology programme is part of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and is taught at Ghent University’s Kortrijk Campus. The Industrial Design Engineering Technology programme is unique in Flanders. We train you to become an ‘architect’ of new products and systems of the future.

Bachelor's Programme
3 year 180 credits
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
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Many everyday products we use today never even existed ten years ago. Developing new products and improving existing ones is a crucial innovative factor for companies. Industrial Design graduates are an important engine of this innovation process. Throughout the programme you become adept at and passionate about various aspects of the design process. You learn how to apply, shape and integrate theoretical insights and practical skills in specific contexts by means of a broad range of design studio projects. Enrolling in an Engineering Technology programme at Kortrijk Campus equals opting for premium-quality education with a strong link to professional field. Our lecturers draw their knowledge and expertise from various disciplines. They also have strong ties with their own network of companies. This is a guarantee for an interesting interaction between the study programme and the business world. Take a look at this video to get a clearer picture of our programme.


The Master of Science in Industrial Design Engineering Technology is unique in Flanders.

Admission into the programme is subject to taking a benchmark test (in Dutch).

For whom

Do you have an outspoken interest in technology and engineering? Are you good at sciences and at mathematics? If the answer to all these questions is a resounding 'yes’, an Engineering Technology programme is the right choice for you. Do you have a creative, hands-on, entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for design to boot? In that case, the specialized Industrial Design Engineering Technology programme is probably a perfect match. In addition to a strong scientific basis we offer you specialized industrial design course units from the first year onwards. The knowledge you acquire is practice-oriented. We place a strong emphasis on exercises, practicals and contacts with the professional field.



In the Bachelor’s programme of Industrial Design Engineering Technology we teach you to design products in an industrial context and in a cross-disciplinary and conceptual manner. We focus specifically on integration and interaction of the following aspects:

  • technological aspects of product design and product engineering,
  • human aspects of the model and the design,
  • technological aspects of product design and product industrialization.

As the broad range of polyvalent engineering course units go to show, the programme focuses heavily on the technological aspects of the design In addition to polyvalent engineering competencies, a graduate of the Bachelor’s programme also masters all the important design-related competencies. Curious? Discover some of the designs made by our students.


A graduate of the Master’s programme in Industrial Design Engineering Technology is an ‘architect’ of products and systems of the future. They are in tune with new social and technological trends and have a future-oriented mindset, which reveals itself in a passion for design, innovation and the pluck to change. Our graduates create and realize the right things and excel in integral product development, systems-oriented and sustainable design, innovation-oriented entrepreneurship, design and styling, and design-oriented research competencies. Our masters are always looking for further professional development opportunities. The Master’s curriculum contains various design-oriented research methods. We assess your competencies in an integrated manner by means of various multidisciplinary projects and the Master's dissertation. The focus of these projects is on defining a solid research question. The purpose, however, is always to come to a premium-quality design result which meets the research question (according to our basic principle of making the right things).

Labour Market

Job opportunities are various and manifold. A large segment of our graduates finds employment in technical, management or commercial positions. Design offices are also eager to employ our graduates. Other important employers are the government, semi-public institutions and the education sector. A career at a research institute is also among the possibilities. Companies are often on the lookout for creative engineers who can use new ideas to create products that are in line with the prevailing market.
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