International Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering

Admission (for Flemish degree students)

  1. Admission Subject to an Enquiry into the Suitability of the Holder of the Diploma
    • Bachelor in de ingenieurswetenschappen, afstudeerrichting: biomedische ingenieurstechnieken
    • Een diploma van een bacheloropleiding in het academisch onderwijs
    • Een diploma van een opleiding 'Bachelor of Science in de ingenieurswetenschappen' (met inbegrip van 'architectuur')

Admission (for international degree students)

To ensure quality of the programme the enrolment is limited to 20 students per consortium university. The consortium reserves at least 15 places for third-country students. The admission is granted to applicants who meet the following selection criteria: a Bachelor in Engineering or equivalent. Applicants in the final year of their Bachelor’s study may also apply. Certificate is to be delivered to the coordinating institute in Groningen. Degree certificates, originating from other than the consortium universities, will be judged by the consortium secretariat that use lists of universities with a sufficient level of quality.

Language (for Flemish degree students)

Je voldoet aan de taalvoorwaarden op basis van je Vlaams diploma.

Language (for international degree students)

More information regarding the required knowledge of English; see also information on the course website.