Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences

Admission (for Flemish degree students)

  1. Immediate Admission
    • Bachelor in de biomedische wetenschappen
  2. Admission Subject to Passing a Preparatory Course
    1. 50 SP
      • Bachelor in de biochemie en de biotechnologie
    2. 55 SP
      • Bachelor in de diergeneeskunde
    3. 58 SP
      • Bachelor in de bio-ingenieurswetenschappen, afstudeerrichting: cel- en genbiotechnologie
    4. 66 SP
      • Bachelor in de geneeskunde

Admission (for international degree students)

An academic diploma of Bachelor (or Master) in Biomedical Sciences or an equivalent to this.

Language (for Flemish degree students)

Je voldoet aan de taalvoorwaarden op basis van je Vlaams diploma.

Language (for international degree students)

More information regarding the required knowledge of English.