Master of Laws in European Union Law

Admission (for Flemish degree students)

  1. Na onderzoek van de bekwaamheid van de student om de opleiding te volgen:
    1. opleidingen nieuwe structuur:
      • Een diploma van een masteropleiding aansluitend op een bacheloropleiding
      • Een diploma van een masteropleiding die volgt op een andere masteropleiding
      • Master in de rechten
    2. opleidingen oude structuur:
      • Een diploma van een academische opleiding van de tweede cyclus

Admission (for international degree students)

To have a law degree, i.e. the degree that - in its country of origin - is required for the exercise of the legal professions. Students who are graduating may apply and can be conditionally admitted, subject to the successful completion of their degree.
After an examination of their curriculum and in view of their acquired competences, candidates may be admitted who have a university degree other than law. In such case, the admission may be made subject to limitations with respect to the courses to be followed.
To present proof of sufficient English proficiency, as indicated in the application form.
To have sufficient financial support, as indicated in the application form, either through personal financial means or via financial aid.
To apply for admission to the LLM-programme before the deadline, with the completed application form and all required documents.

Language (for Flemish degree students)

Er gelden afwijkende taalvoorwaarden.

Language (for international degree students)

More information regarding the required knowledge of English. See also the LLM website.