Master of Science in Advanced Dentistry (Orthodontics)

Admission (for Flemish degree students)

  1. Na onderzoek van de bekwaamheid van de student om de opleiding te volgen:
    1. opleidingen nieuwe structuur:
      • Master in de tandheelkunde
    2. opleidingen oude structuur:
      • Tandarts

Admission (for international degree students)

International students with a master’s degree in Dentistry interested to join the master programmes in Advanced Dentistry should apply by sending curriculum vitae and motivational letter to the program director.

Clinical practice in general dentistry of minimally 1 year is necessary.
After scrutiny of the application, the candidate will receive a written evaluation and be invited for a personal interview via electronic means.
International students should be aware that visa regulations may apply. They should check with the Belgian Embassy or Consulate in their home country for more details.

Language (for international degree students)

Proof of proficiency in English and Dutch as shown during the interview or by means of TOEFL test (for English) or equivalent is required at the time of registration.