Master of Science in Technology for Integrated Water Management

The Advanced Master of Technology for Integrated Water Management has been conceived as an interuniversity and internationally oriented master in the specialised field of water technology as a contribution to sustainable, integrated water management. The study programme offers a multidisciplinary educational package in which knowledge and expertise from various disciplines is integrated: ecological and biosciences, environmental sciences, engineering sciences and nautical sciences. The master aims at providing specialist, academic knowledge and competences about the functioning of the water system as well as technological applications. This will enable graduates to bring about technological solutions and to integrate them into water policy and management in various fields all over the world.


The study programme consists of ten modules (or course units) divided over three parts offering the student a certain freedom of choice. The introduction (part 1) contains introductory notions and concepts. These compulsory modules are organised during the first three weeks of the academic year. The in-depth specialisation takes place in part 2 consisting of seven modules. The student composes a self-selected study package until a total of 18 credits is reached. The integration (part 3) is made up of an integrated course, an integrated case study and a master’s dissertation.


Integrated Water Management is called the challenge for the 21st century. Worldwide an increase can be seen in the demand for integrated competences, usable in water-related R&D. Research institutions, global businesses, specialised companies, consultancies and government institutions are feeling the need for highly qualified professionals in water technology, with the right skills for integrated water management.