Master of Science in Technology for Integrated Water Management

Course content

The main objective of this interuniversity study programme between Ghent University and the University of Antwerp, is the education of specialists in water technology with thorough understanding of integrated water management and policy, the latest developments in the water sector and challenging global water issues.

The programme focuses on:

  • The interaction between classical technology and ecological engineering;
  • A thorough knowledge of the functioning of the whole water system;
  • Innovative and integrated solutions to all types of water management problems;
  • Real life applications, projects and the many uses of our water systems through close collaboration with companies, research institutes and governments.

This interdisciplinary approach provides the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of water technology as the combination of fundamental and applied sciences, which makes this advanced master unique in the world.

Course structure

The study programme consists of ten modules (or course units) divided over three parts offering the student a certain freedom of choice.

  • The introduction contains introductory notions and concepts. These compulsory modules are organised during the first three weeks of the academic year.
  • The in-depth specialisation consists of a self-selected study package until a total of 18 credits is reached.
  • The integration is made up of an integrated course, an integrated case study and a master’s dissertation.

We teach in an interactive, practical way. You are expected to actively participate in class discussions, analyse cases, prepare presentations, report by means of group papers and engage in computer-assisted exercises. All courses focus on the practical application of concepts in real life. Research groups in the faculties, centres and institutes concerned are closely involved in the programme. In each course, you will analyse real life cases.

You will follow courses at the campuses of University of Antwerp, Ghent University and the Antwerp Maritime Academy. This allows you to get acquainted with several research groups and benefit from different types of infrastructure and facilities.

Career perspectives

Integrated Water Management is one of the major challenges of the 21st century. The demand for integrated competences usable in water-related research and development increases worldwide. The Advanced Master of Technology for Integrated Water Management is an excellent preparation for an exciting career in research, global business, consulting or government.