Postgraduate in Poultry Health Sciences (Latin America)

The postgraduate course in Poultry Health Sciences offers a unique opportunity to study in-depth the different aspects of poultry health sciences. It aims at bridging the gap between theoretical and applied knowledge by equipping current and future professionals with knowlegde, skills and understanding to adress global and local challenges in future poultry production.

Postgraduate Studies
3 year 30 credits
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
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Advanced training courses and workshops contribute to the training of many employees of veterinary practices, pharmaceutical companies, animal feed and animal feed additive companies, research institutes and universities. These types of trainings enable to further develop expertise in poultry health sciences and subsequently improve career prospects in the poultry sector. However these short technical trainings are limited in time and focus only on the newest trends in poultry health issues. Therefore this postgraduate course in Poultry Health Sciences was developed to offer an in-depth educational programme to educate fundamental and applied knowledge, to bridge the gap between research and field expertise.

The course is designed to educate students with a diverse educational background with an interest in poultry health sciences, not only veterinarians.

For whom

The admission requirements depend on previous degrees (type of degree, country of issue etc.) or additional experience.


The postgraduate in Poultry Health Sciences is a three years programme offered as an online course supported with in total 5 weeks of onsite practical training and 2 weeks of externship. Each year consists of 3 courses for a total of 10 credits and a student workload of approximately 300 hours.

Online and distance learning offers students the flexibility of studying from anywhere and at any time over the internet. This new online postgraduate course offers a new way of combining innovative learning and teaching techniques with interaction between lecturers and fellow students from around the world. By combining this online course with short period of onsite practical trainings students will be able to acquire both in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge.

The onsite practical training of the programme Latin America takes place in Brazil (Sao Paolo).

Labour Market

This postgraduate course enables to further develop expertise in poultry health sciences and subsequently improve career prospects in the poultry sector.