Postgraduate Studies in Algology

Admission (for Flemish degree students)

  1. Admission Subject to an Enquiry into the Suitability of the Holder of the Diploma
    • Master en m├ędecine
    • Master in de geneeskunde

Admission (for international degree students)

Students can be admitted on the basis of a diploma obtained abroad, on the condition of approval of the Steering Committee and of compliance with the language requirements set for this study programme. In addition, for students for whom a visa is required, an application file for the admission on the basis of a foreign diploma must be submitted at the university where they want to enroll, and after successful completion of the admission procedure, they will receive a letter of admission of the university concerned.

Language (for Flemish degree students)

Je voldoet aan de taalvoorwaarden op basis van je Vlaams diploma.

Language (for international degree students)

The student should have a good knowledge of English, which is the spoken and written language of the course. The student will not have to hand in a proof of his/her knowledge but is expected to judge this knowledge himself/herself.