International Master of Science in Agro- and Environmental Nematology

Nematodes or roundworms are everywhere. They are amongst the most harmful organisms to crops, especially in the tropics. As natural antagonists of certain pest insects they are at the same time very promising for use in bio-control programmes. Our study programme is unique in the world. It deals with fundamental as well as applied aspects of nematology.

Master's Programme
2 year 120 credits
Faculty of Sciences
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Application Deadline (for International degree students)

For both Belgian and international students:

International Course Programme (VLIR-UOS ICP programme). Before the application can be started up, you need to be pre-academically selected by the programme coordinator:


Information on enrolment at Ghent University.

Tuition Fee

Specific tuition fees apply. Reduced fees are possible for students from specific developing countries. This programme is supported by (VLIR-UOS and other) scholarships. More info at

Costs of studying

From June 1st, you will find an overview here of the study materials and additional costs (besides tuition fees) for this programme. We try to provide the most accurate overview, but variations are always possible. For interuniversity or international programmes, we are not able to give an overview of the costs.

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