Master of Science in Political Science (International Politics)

The Main Subject International Politics examines trends, ideas and influences that determine current international relations (with attention to historical backgrounds). The Main Subject National Politics  mainly studies domestic political processes (with attention to the broader international political context).

Master's Programme
1 year 60 credits
Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
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The increasingly cross-border nature of aspects of social life implies that domestic and foreign politics are becoming ever more intimately linked. Against the background of economic shifts and shifting power relations (the rise of the BRICs, but also the increased role of non-state actors), the international community must learn to deal with religious fundamentalism and nationalism, financial crises, and climate change, among other things. The contemporary world order has therefore become highly complex. The Major International Politics investigates the trends, ideas and influences that determine international relations. Attention is given to both the historical backgrounds and the contemporary political, economic and institutional aspects of international relations. You study the rapid developments in the international field, which enables you to position yourself better – privately and professionally, and to function better in an international context. The different perspectives guarantee an education that is as varied as the study object itself, namely the international reality. The main subject additionally gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in one of the three majors: Diplomacy and World Politics, International Political Economy or European Politics.

For whom

The admission requirements vary. Depending on your prior education, you are either able to enrol directly, or there are additional requirements.



The Master's programme offers the opportunity to study abroad. One possibility, among others, is the Erasmus+ programme. For more information, join one of our information sessions or contact the Faculty Internationalisation Committee.

Master's Degree in Teaching 

In addition to the (domain) master described above, you can also choose a Master's Programme in Teaching (in Dutch: Educatieve Master). For more information, go to

Labour Market

Our study programme is by definition very versatile and that is reflected in our graduates' employment opportunities. They can be found in journalism, administration, parliament, political parties, trade unions, sociocultural associations, business, international organizations, diplomacy, banking institutions etc. It is clear that the careers in which our graduates end up, do not fit under one and the same heading. Some of our graduates even find career opportunities abroad. The Master's programme has study abroad opportunities. The versatility of the programme on the one hand and the specific political science course units on Belgian and international politics on the other, make the Master's a suitable study programme not only to cope with the social challenges of the 21st century, but also to critically analyze and shape them. 

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