Preparatory Course Master of Science in Sociology

The preparatory programme focuses on the domain-specific knowledge and skills. You already graduated from an academic program, so you master the general academic scientific competences. The courses in the preparatory programme help you prepare for the master programme. The preparatory programme does not lead to an academic bachelor degree. It is a programme necessary to follow to gain access to a specific master.

Preparatory Course
Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
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Application Deadline (for International degree students)

For students who need a visa: before 1st of April

For students who do not need a visa: before 1st of June

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Information on enrolment at Ghent University. Watch out, some courses take place at the VUB in Brussels. To follow these, you have to register as a guest student at the VUB.

Tuition Fee

More information on tuition fees.

Learning path counsellor

Kris De Pue
T 09 264 97 71