Master of Science in Chemistry ((Bio)Organic and Polymer Chemistry)

We owe a great part of our quality of life to the development of sciences, and chemistry in particular. Its influence spans numerous different branches, such as medicine, biology, agriculture, etc. The impact of chemistry is also omnipresent in the industrial world. Almost every branch of industry is confronted with chemistry at some level: in the production process, in quality control, in product improvement, waste processing …

Our students choose one of three main subjects: (Bio)Organic and Polymer Chemistry, Materials and Nanochemistry, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry.

Master's Programme
2 year 120 credits
Faculty of Sciences
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Application Deadline (for International degree students)

For students who need a visa: before 1st of April

For students who do not need a visa: before 1st of June

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Contact (for international degree students)

Learning path counsellor

Sanne Kiekens
T 09 264 50 53