Postgraduate Studies in Weather and Climate Modeling

Ghent University (in collaboration with the Royal Meteorological Institute) anticipates the present increase in international attention for high-impact weather and air pollution and offers a study programme that also focuses on these issues rather than only on climate change. The Postgraduate Studies in Weather and Climate modeling offers the essential courses needed to start research in meteorology and numerical weather prediction.

Postgraduate Studies
1 year 33 credits
Faculty of Sciences
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Application Deadline (for International degree students)

Before the application can be started up, you need to be pre-academically selected by the programme coordinator.


Information on enrolment at Ghent University.

Tuition Fee

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Programme contact

Faculty of Sciences
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Campus Sterre
Krijgslaan 281 (S9)
B-9000 Gent
Prof. dr. Steven Caluwaerts