Postgraduate Certificate Computer-Assisted Language Mediation

The postgraduate Computer-Assisted Language Mediation (CALM) is an advanced and high-quality professional training programme that focuses on the technological skills and tools that are required in today’s information society.

Over the past decades, technology has become an integral and indispensable part of the work carried out in the language, translation and communication industry. Most translation and localisation processes are digital and comprise the use of translation management systems, translation memories, terminology and data mining tools, and machine translation. Technical communicators convey information by means of web pages, online help files and other media. They use workflow systems, content management systems, authoring tools and desktop publishing software. Social media are increasingly being used as communication channels. Language learning is supported by technology-enhanced learning based on digital resources.

By focusing on technological competencies, the CALM postgraduate complements the current language and communication degrees such as Masters in Translation, Interpreting, Multilingual Communication, Languages and Literature, Journalism Studies, Communication Studies etc.


The CALM postgraduate is a one-year academic programme consisting of 60 credits. Students select 8 modules (of 5 credits each) out of 14 modules offered, depending on their interests. The modules are complemented by a 3-month work placement in their preferred language, translation or communication industry, during which the students gain relevant work experience. The work placement, which represents 20 credits, takes place in the last quarter of the academic year.

All teaching is carried out in English. Students should therefore have a thorough command of English. Knowledge of at least one of the three additional source languages (Dutch, French or German) is also required. The modules are taught in the first three quarters of the academic year. For the modules on technology-enhanced language learning Ghent University cooperates with the Spanish Distance Education University (UNED).

Students who prefer not to enrol in the entire postgraduate, can put together their own programme with one or more modules. Only those who have taken up at least 30 credits will be considered for the work placement and can enrol for the UNED-courses.


CALM is labour market oriented and is designed for master’s degree holders who are interested in a career in the language, translation and communication industry and who wish to develop their technological competencies. CALM also addresses language professionals who wish to refresh and update technological skills.